It's nice to know that even Brett Favre has a dysfunctional family.  I mean even I, Kendra Wolfe has a family member who's life has totally been screwed by Meth.  Which sucks.

As for Favre's sister, she's 34 and was arrested with two other fellow meth makers for the meth they were making in their condo's bathtub.  YES you can even make it in a condo.  Who knew?  She's in the slammer, the cops evacuated the condo, and they were arraigned this morning.

Sgt. Abe Long was on scene and had this to say:

9 grams of methamphetamine was collected. The street value on the drugs is $150 a gram, he said.

All joking aside, I really do hope his sister gets her life together.  Meth, as you can see from her face is death incarnate!  I loathe Meth!

And Brett, why haven't you sent me a text?

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