Just as Boise State Broncos fans celebrate a return to form with an impressive win Thursday night against Colorado State, the recent announcement by Idaho's governor that we are returning to Stage-2 of the state's COVID reintegration plan could mean the end of BSU's season.

Like many of you, I was following Gov. Little's November 13 noon-hour conference, and got word of our Stage-2 return. This is not a good development, on so many levels. It means people's refusal to follow the advise of local and federal health officials will likely result in more layoffs and business closures...plain and simple.

Sports, in the grand scheme of things, shouldn't be a major concern for Americans. What we need to do is clamp down, and do everything possible to prevent the prolonging of COVID-19. If not for our local businesses, for the health of our fellow Idahoans.

While no announcement has been made yet by the Mountain West Conference, football games do mean large gatherings by the athletes that compete. Albertsons Stadium had been allowing a small number of fans to attend beginning with the November 6 game against BYU. I'm guessing that will come to an end if the season continues.

The Broncos thrashed Colorado State Thursday night by a score of 52-21, thanks in large part to three touchdowns from BSU's special teams. What the return to Stage-2 ultimately means for BSU football, well, we'll have to wait and see. We won't be waiting that long...that's for sure.

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