Twin Falls has so much to offer and some fantastic businesses in the area. We decided to come up with some slogans that really embrace the atmosphere and culture of some of the businesses in the area. Remember, these are not negative and it is all in good fun.

I support local and I will continue to support local. I love every single business on this list. These slogans are just so accurate that it kind of hurt, from laughing.


  • 1

    Rudy's A Cooks Paradise

    Go in for one thing - 3 hours later, a full cart and $400 later you're happy as a clam.

  • 2

    The Anchor Bistro and Bar

    It's like a high school or family reunion every time you come in

  • 3

    D&B Supply

    Bigger and better parking, still packed

  • 4

    2nd South Market

    As if deciding what was for lunch wasn't hard enough, let's give you more options

  • 5

    Dierkes Lake Park

    Sure we aren't sure what is in the water, but cliff jumping and kayaking make it worth the risk of growing another toe

  • 6

    Gemstone Climbing

    For the expert rock climber and those not brave enough to actually try it.

  • 7


    You thought you were in pretty good shape but you were horribly wrong

  • 8

    Rock Creek Park

    So pretty but so sketchy

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