Boise State University has announced their guidelines for those wishing to attend upcoming stadium home games. Changes this year will affect season ticket holders, tailgating, and concessions. Season ticket holders seats have been spread out to accommodate social distancing at Albertson's Stadium. Those who buy tickets to single games will also be spread out for social distancing. Tailgating, though a traditionally very social activity, will still be allowed in stadium parking lots. The change for tailgating only allows for it to happen in now specified sections of parking areas. Masks will also be required at all times inside and outside of the stadium on game day. Concessions will also include beer and hard seltzers this year. That information was sent out recently by email to season ticket holders.

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Signage will be posted throughout the stadium to remind visitors of the new rules. Remember if you decide to attend a game to be courteous to those around you and follow the stadium rules.

I've only been to two stadium games and both were BSU vs BYU. My first game we attended with a number of listeners who had won tickets. At that game 'courtesy' was a big topic as a couple had seats in front of children yet refused to sit down or switch spots so the kids could see. It is good to be excited and dedicated but it is also good to be aware of others at upcoming sporting events.

Classes at BSU will also be affected by social distancing and the effect will depend on the level at which the coronavirus is spreading, similar to classes across the Magic Valley with the recently announced operational COVID protocol.

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