It's a dangerous thing to break into an Idaho home. You never know what may be waiting for you on the other side. One burglar found this out the hard way when he encountered an Idaho guy's pet squirrel, who was in no mood to negotiate.

Kudos to KIVI-TV for their catch on this one. Adam Pearl lives in Meridian with his pet squirrel, Joey. One day when he returned home, he noticed indications that his place had been broken into. What he didn't know is that they burglar paid a heavy price for his intrusion.

After meeting with police, they investigated the break-in and later came back with some of Adam's stuff, plus info on what happened to the burglar.

As the thief was trying to rob Adam's place, he said that the squirrel would not stop attacking him. The guy had scratch marks as evidence of Joey's fury.

This dude should have known better than to try and rob an Idahoan. He's lucky the squirrel didn't go full-on Chuck Norris on him.

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