BURLEY, Idaho (KLIX)-A Burley woman will spend the next four years in an Idaho prison for trying to murder her then husband while he was in a recliner. According to court documents, Mildred Nineth Rivero, at the time Mildred Hope, was sentenced in Burley on one count of attempted murder while charges of attempted strangulation and destruction/concealment of evidence was dropped per a plea agreement made in March. Rivero was charged in September of 2021, when she tried to smother her then partially paralyzed husband who was sleeping in his recliner. The victim had told officers Rivero had tucked him in very tightly with blankets before he fell asleep.The man woke up to find Rivero covering his face with a plastic bag. The man nearly passed out before he was able to poke a small hole in the bag which Rivero tried to reposition on his face. Eventually the chair broke and the victim fell to the floor. The man was able to call a relative who then alerted the sheriff's office. Rivero could spend up to eight years in prison. She was given credit for time served in the jail and will have to pay $750 in fees.

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