Several purebred dogs have turned up missing from families in the Burley area, and one resident says she knows of at least a half dozen personally.

"I know of six purebred dogs that have recently gone missing in the area," said Sara Brown, who lives in Paul near the border to Hazelton. "It has been a month since Kato went missing."

Kato, a purebred Rottweiler, hasn't been seen March 6, according to her post to the Jerome/Twin Falls County Idaho Pets Lost and Found.  The owners are fearful the dog was taken intentionally.

"I find it very coincidental that over the past two weeks six male Rottweilers have been brought to my attention from being found. Unfortunately, not one of them has been my boy yet," said Brown.

Brown says that a white van has been seen "lurking around" in the area with a license plate beginning with 2J. 

"Kato needs to be brought back to his family. We just want our big baby boy home," said Brown.

I you have any information on Kato, please call 208-670-1796.

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