Every kid remembers getting sick, not going to school and sitting on the couch with some 7-Up, crackers and watching The Price is Right with Grandma. Now you can relive all that nostalgia and check it out live. The Price Is Right is coming to Boise.

Fun fact, I had no idea they record live from different locations. The Price Is Right will be at the Morrison Center on November 16th. The best part about going to the Price Is Right Live events is you have a chance to be called up to play all the games!

Tickets start at $61 a piece and can range up to $300 depending on where you want to sit. From what I remember watching though, it doesn't matter what part of the floor you sit on, you have just as good of a chance as anyone to be called up to play. The show starts at 7:30 pm so make sure you get there early.

According to the website, The Price Is Right Live is unlike any other experience you could ever have. There is a ton of energy, as you can tell if you have ever watched an episode, and people get really into it. All the costumes and custom shirts.

Drew Carey is the host of The Price Is Right, he took over after Bob Barker retired. You can get tickets now by clicking here.

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