A music video by Rodney Atkins was just released that includes footage of the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, and a handful of Twin Falls residents.

On August 15,2018, country recording artist Rodney Atkins was in Twin Falls shooting footage for his latest music video, 'Caught Up in the Country'.

The video has been released and if you watch, you can spot the Snake River Canyon, The Perrine Bridge, and a handful of Twin Falls residents - Among them:  Ashley Holthus, Baily Charters, April Swisher, and a local Twin Falls radio host.

The video features Rodney riding his bike across America, visiting various landmarks across the United States... (When Rodney and his crew arrived in Twin Falls, they had just finished shooting at the Salt Flats in Utah)

When Atkins was asked why he chose the Snake River Canyon as one of those locations he responded with kinds words about Twin Falls.

With the bike... The Evel Knievel connection for sure.  It's part of my childhood, part of what made me love bikes as a kid.  It's an epic part of America. - Rodney Atkins


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