Veterinarians in southwest Idaho have reported an increase in cases of a highly contagious virus in dogs that causes rapid weight loss, vomiting, bloody stools and potentially death, if not treated in a timely manner.

The Idaho Humane Society says cases of canine Parvovirus are on the rise, particularly in the Treasure Valley in recent days, according to a report by Eight cases alone were confirmed through lab results for the week of April 29, which is a sign that this spring and summer could yield an increase in cases from 2018 if dog owners don't seek treatment sooner than later.

An increased number of cases in shelter puppies, as well as those owned by families, has also been documented by area veterinarians. The exposure comes from dogs that have not received vaccines coming into contact with contaminated feces. Puppies require a Parvovirus vaccine every month until the age of 20 weeks, according to data.

Veterinarians recommend dog owners not take their animals to public parks if they are not current on vaccines.




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