If you've ever wanted an opportunity to get into law enforcement, you may want to get an application to Cassia County. They are hiring three new detention center deputies. Could one of them be you?

Here's what they shared on the Cassia County Sheriff's Office Facebook page this week.

A vertical jump of 14 inches? You do realize that most of us Idahoans are jumping adverse, right?

In case you missed it near the bottom of the share, here's the contact info for Cassia County if you want to know more:

  • Please direct any questions to:
  • Lt. Russ Rasmussen 208-878-1136
  • rjr@cassiacounty.org
  • Fax number is 208-878-5633
  • or
  • Staff Sergeant Dan Renz
  • drenz@cassiacounty.org

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