This week's Magic Valley missed connection involves a pair of convenience store customers that may have experienced a brief moment of mutual attraction, and left one wanting to pursue more.

Alright, let's see if this is the week the Twin Falls / Missed Connections section on Craigslist finally pays off with a successful joining of two locals. A submission dated May 21 and titled, "Castle Corner (Twin Falls)," was from an individual in Twin Falls that is trying to reconnect with someone they exchanged glances with at the Castle Corner store on Blue Lakes near Toy Town.

It's not known if the publisher of this post is a male or female, but judging by the fact that men are less intrepid--we tend to beat around the bush a lot more in these types of situations than women--I'm guessing it's a dude. All we know of this mystery lady is she was "in a tan Buick Enclave", and wearing "black and grey leggings and a fluorescent shirt."

If you think you know who this woman is, have her take a look at this submission, that is, if she's available.

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