Twin Falls newest taco truck is officially up and running. Tacos El Guey is slinging some awesome food at events and other locations.

Tacos El Guey

What Is Tacos El Guey

Tacos El Guey (pronounced 'way') is a locally and family-run taco truck new to Twin Falls. It is only serving tacos. that being said, they serve really good tacos. The menu is small so they can focus on getting the flavor just right. The owners of the truck have brought their family recipes to the table for all of us to enjoy.

The Tacos El Guey Menu

Tacos El Guey has tacos. They have chicken, beef, pork, and specialty tacos. The specialty tacos are Tacos de Birria Queso (chuck roast) and the Tacos de Papa (Idaho Potato Taco). The description of the potato taco is just a potato with cabbage, Monterey Jack Cheese, and special "Lilly's Sauce". I know it has no meat but I need to try it. I need to try all their tacos. They did say they are constantly trying new things and plan on bringing different flavors to the truck.

Tacos El Guey

Tacos El Guey Open For Events And More

Right now it doesn't appear that they have a permanent parking place. They are having a grand opening event on June 25th at 1654 Blue Lakes Blvd starting at 11 am. The last two events they had at Twin Falls Subaru, sold out. That has to be a great indication of delicious food. They also are available for catering and you can book them for events.

There is no such thing as too many food trucks. They are starting to pop up all over town and I have to try them all. I have to admit, this enhances the need for Twin Falls to get a unified food truck spot for everyone to go to. A food truck park would flourish here.

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