Cash Contest

What Would You Do?
I’m not sure if you’ve heard the media blitz, but we’re giving you a chance to win cold, hard, cash twice every weekday in May. Listen for the Cue To Call. When you hear it, call 1-877-854-WINS. If you’re caller number 25, you win $1,00…
Score Secret Hints To Win Cash!
We're giving away cash!  Yes, One Grand every weekday in May just for listening and Ten Grand is up for grabs to Snake VIP's HERE!
Hey, I get it, you're busy.  That's why Snake VIP's have the hook up on when the Q To Call will hit!
Your Chance to Win Ten Thousand Dollars Cash!
98.3 The Snake is giving you a chance to win $10,000!
On December 1st you could be the lucky winner of TEN GRAND. Say goodbye to those holiday bills by entering to win some serious cash, and maybe get 10 Grand in YOUR hand!
Enter to win now online NOW...

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