A drum clinic in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, featuring Chad Smith has turned into a international incident when he engaged in a serious breach of local protocol. A new video shows the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chickenfoot drummer pretending to wipe his behind with a soccer jersey.

As the above video -- first posted at TMZ -- shows, Smith was addressing the crowd when he opens a present to reveal a red-and-black replica jersey for Flamengo, Brazil’s most popular soccer club. However, many in attendance -- including the other two men on the stage -- objected to the sight of a team from Rio de Janeiro’s shirt in Belo Horizonte and either booed or pointed their thumbs down. Smith then stuck the shirt down the back of his pants before removing it and throwing it behind him as the crowd screamed its approval.

But others weren't as thrilled by his actions. An attendee threw something onstage, missing Smith’s head by less than a foot. Smith attempted to point out that it was all in good fun. “I think the only place it’s OK to hate something, or someone, is in sports,” he told the crowd.

Regardless, Smith’s kidding isn’t being taken kindly by Flamengo fans. The Comments section of the YouTube page -- never a place for rational discourse even on non-controversial videos- - has been littered with threats of violence and even death in advance of the Chili Peppers’ performance in Rio tomorrow night.

Update: Smith has taken to Twitter to address the issue...

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