There are a few things in this world that creep me out, terrify me, or I just hate. I am terrified of heights, even walking across the Perrine Bridge used to be hard for me to do. I hate vegetables. Spiders creep me out. I hate spiders. They are the worst, and this creepy abandoned Southern Idaho farmhouse, filmed by Abandoned America, is loaded with them.

What Makes The Abandoned Southern Idaho House So Creepy?

UPDATE: The video has been deleted from the original YouTube account, but below is a synopsis of what was in the video.

The video starts with a slow walk around the exterior of the house and surrounding property, and that's pretty gross. If you jump ahead to the three-minute mark, that's when they go into the house and the horror show begins. I don't know how long the house has been abandoned, all we know from the video description is that the house is in Owyhee County and that the owner passed away.

Inside the house the walls are covered in spider webs and the ceiling is full of holes. Surprisingly, other than those issues the house is pretty clean and not filled with junk. The place just looks like a basic old abandoned building. Until you get to the 5:15 mark in the video. That's when the nightmare fuel ignites.

What Happens Towards The End of the Creepy Abandoned Farmhouse Video?

From the beginning of the video I know that I would never even be able to step foot in the house. But at 5:15 in the video you realize that there is an upstairs to the house and you realize that they are going to go up those stairs. Those stairs that are covered in spiderwebs.

You never actually see any spiders and that's one of the worst parts about spiders: you don't see them until you feel them in your hair or running across your arm. Watching this video I could feel them on me and I wasn't even there.

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What Else is Spooky About The Abandoned Southern Idaho Farmhouse?

Can the answer be everything? Watching the video I felt like there was a jump scare waiting around every single corner. Just seeing the stairs got me spooked a little bit. I thought for sure the guy filming was going to fall through the floor and we'd end up with a Blair Witch Project style video. I don't think the house is haunted, so that's a plus, but that doesn't mean is isn't a scary house.

Would you be able to go in that house? Better question - would you dare sleep in that house? For me the answer is a solid no on both counts.

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