We all have coins lying around somewhere. Some specially minted quarters that have been in circulation for four years now have become very valuable, and collectors might be willing to pay a pretty penny for them if you happen to have any in your Idaho piggy bank.

I have coins everywhere. I keep some in a cash box, there are some in my truck, and my wife and I toss them into a large, glass cup that sits on a dresser in the bedroom. The couch, car console and old coffee cans are also known to be popular spots to find loose change.


I collect a lot of things, including Indian Head pennies and shillings from the early twentieth century. Until recently, I didn't know that there are primarily four different U.S. mint facilities that print quarters, and when I learned about a special lot of them that have been fetching a hefty price tag from collectors, I went sifting through my truck stash to see if I had any.

Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, and West Point have been printing U.S. coins for many years. It's the 2019 West Point quarters that have become very valuable. If you didn't already know, you can tell which mint printed the coins by the small letter located in the center right on the head's side.

A "P" stands for Philadelphia, a "D" is for Denver, an "S" is for San Francisco, and the "W" is for West Point, which are the coins you want to look for. If you happen to have any West Point printed quarters in your possession, you should shine them up and keep them safe.

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