Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of year. It is the season of giving, putting others first, time with family, Christmas movies, but does it bring out the best in people? It also brings out more traffic, cold weather, icy roads at times, crowded stores, and more spending. Does Christmas truly make people happier, or more grumpy and Grinch-like this time of year?

Shopping is a drag

For some, Christmas shopping might be fun and a joy, but for others, it feels like a chore. Shopping during the holidays is in no way joyful but more work added to an already full schedule. The stores are crowded, parking is awful, it is cold going in and out of stores, and gas is being wasted going from store to store. Online shopping isn't much better, cause it seems to get held up in the mail this time of year, as well as browsing sites just puts me behind at work.

Spending money is not fun either. Having to shop for kids, parents, grandparents, and coworkers can get expensive. Bills, food, and housing are enough, but add in the gifts you have to buy and the stress can begin to rise.

Holiday traffic is the worst

Since people are out shopping, school is still in and normal work hours are still in effect, the holiday season brings out more traffic and worse drivers. I already have bad road rage, but add to it people are looking on their phones, more cars are out and people looking for stores they don't usually visit, causes for worse driving than normal. It is not a fun time to be out.

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The weather this time of year is unbearable at times

With having to be out more, the weather becomes a factor many have to deal with as well. It is cold, sometimes snowing, or raining, and brings a gloom over everything. Sometimes the sun won't come out for days, and with parking lots more full and having to walk further into stores, the rain, snow, and cold do not help the situation.

There is a joy to be found at Christmas

Despite all the things that test patience, stress, and wallets, Christmas is still full of joy, especially in Idaho. There is beautiful snow, holiday events almost every night, and the best movies on television. When the stress, traffic, and shopping begin to wear you out, just remember that it will all be worth it on the 25th and that there is a lot to be joyful for. Merry Christmas. 

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