Have you ever done something that you were not really proud of?  Ever sold out?  I have and I sure will again.  I'll do just about anything for a free hot dog or a paycheck, man I could go for a hot dog. Anyways, lets look back at classic rockers selling out and singing jingles from back in the day commercials.

1993 - Ted Nugent is first up with his "Energizer Battery" commercial.  At first, I thought he just loved burritos, who doesn't?

1963 - Can you believe "The Rolling Stones" plugged one of my favorite cereal (covered in sugar) "Rice Crispies"?

2001 - Paul Stanley must really love coffee.  You can really feel the love in this "Folgers Coffee" commercial.

1967 - To me this one makes sense: Cream endorses "Falstaff Beer"

1983 - Beer is back, this time with Ronnie James Dio lending a VERY familiar riff to Budweiser.

1968 - This one really blows my mind.  Check out "Iron Butterfly" pushing Ban Roll-On.  That's the kind of deodorant I used when I was a kid, I didn't know any better.

1998 - Unfortunately, I do remember this Honda commercial pimped out by ZZ Top.  Don't get me wrong, ZZ Top are the epitome of cool, but THIS is definitely a sell out moment.


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