We just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Between The X-Files, Heroes, 24 and others, now Coach has been plucked from its grave for another go. Craig T. Nelson has been confirmed to lead an NBC revival of the classic sitcom, switching over from its original ‘90s run on ABC.

According to reports, Nelson will both star in and executive produce 13 episodes of the revival series, which follows title character Hayden Fox emerging from retirement to assistant coach his grown son, now head coach at an Ivy League school in Pennsylvania, and starting up a new team.

For the moment at least, none of Nelson’s fellow Coach stars have signed on to the new series (nor would they necessarily, given the setting), though creator Barry Kemp will return to write and executive produce. NBC has also yet to decide any formal date for the revival, the original series having run from 1989 to 1997.

Will Coach have a welcome return, or should it have stayed in retirement? What other classic series can we dig up, at this point?

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