Seeing as last week's all-new 'Community' "Valloween" episode "Paranormal Parentage" largely put to bed any lingering fears the cult NBC comedy couldn't deliver under show-runners Moses Port and David Guarascio, this Thursday's "Conventions of Space and Time" should be greeted with open arms by the fans. The guest star-heavy half-hour will see the Greendale gang attending an "Inspector Spacetime" convention, but what about "InspectiCon" has Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) uncomfortable already? Check out the latest 'Community' clip to find out!

'Community's cast has donned plenty of outlandish costumes over four seasons, but leading man Jeff Winger has never exactly been an eager participant. That reluctance will get even more awkward in this Thursday's all-new episode "Conventions of Space and Time," as Jeff discovers at a conventions that he has an uncanny resemblance to "Inspector Spacetime" supervillain Thoraxis, eliciting stares from all in attendance!

As we've seen from photos of the episode however, Jeff won't have much reason to pout after encountering the beautiful Lauren ('Battlestar Galactica' vet Tricia Helfer) though the still-crushing Annie (Alison Brie) won't be too happy about that. The February 21 episode also features an appearance from 'Bridesmaids' star Matt Lucas as a fellow "Inspector Spacetime" fan friend of Abed's, no doubt causing problems for he and Troy as well.

See Jeff Winger's supervillain alter-ego in the latest 'Community' clip below (courtesy of TVLine), and tell us what you want to see from "Conventions of Space and Time" and future 'Community' episodes in the comments!

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