The majority of people I've talked to who are visiting Twin Falls from out of town have nothing but praise for our little speck in the universe we call home. It's one thing to not have a good time visiting an area of the world you've never been, but to create a vlog about your unsatisfactory experience is a tad, how shall we say it, infantile... maybe.

These two decided to take a day trip to Twin Falls while staying in Salt Lake City for a wedding, from what I could gather from the video. I'm not sure where they originally flew in from, but a "twelve hour flight" was mentioned in the video posted by this Youtuber. To answer Carolyn's question as to whether or not we are enjoying her video at 5:49 in to it, let me step up and answer that question. I'd rather be audited.

Too many bees at the Evel Knievel jump. Our canyon falls being just "irrigation run off." Hikes being too short. These were just a few complaints that can be heard in the 8 minute and twenty second post from Casually Carolyn's channel. "Casually pouty," might be a more appropriate name for this channel. Even the title of her vlog is negative

We will apologize to Carolyn as Twin Falls residents for her awful experience, when we get an apology for the appalling editing job that was done on this video.

Safe travels Carolyn!

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