These five contests are all ending TODAY at 9:59 pm sharp.  Good news - you can enter up to TWENTY SEVEN times to win!

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    Playstation 4

    This is the the new big boy in town... with games like Killzone, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty, Flower, and so on.

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    Dyson Heater

    I'll be honest, I've read how these work, and I still don't get it.  But they're incredible.  No blades, shuts off if tipped over, and it, like, heats your room and stuff.

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    $500 Hotel Gift Card

    Step 1: Win the gift card.

    Step 2: Book the fanciest, presidentialiest suite you can find.

    Step 3: Please, oh please, do not tell me what you do in there.

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    $500 Target Gift Card

    The plan: use the gift card to buy really creepy items at the checkout counter.  Freak out the cashier by getting 10 of each of these:

    - Peanut Butter
    - Fuzzy handcuffs (ask the cashier, "Do these come without keys?")
    - Smiley face greeting cards


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    $1,000 Gift Card

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