I’ve had a Costco membership for several years.  It may not be a weekly stop but when it comes to some of the perks I can’t pass on what I get in return.

Even bought a pair of glasses there!

It’s part social club as well.  I get to see friends just about every time I shop there.  For many years I had a membership card for BJ’s, which is an almost identical shopping experience.  My niece was a store manager and membership didn’t cost me a dime.

Several years ago I visited Sam’s Club frequently with a friend who had a membership.  Even bought a pair of glasses there!

So which is best?

A writer at Business Insider visited both Costco and Sam’s and came to a simple conclusion.  Not really any difference at all!  Both offer great deals, cheap eats and have good service.  The same experience I’ve found during visits.

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