In 2014 there were 644 cases of the measles in the United States. Crazy high number considering I thought measles was a disease only seen in history books and third world countries.

Then in December we all heard about the unthinkable happening at the happiest place on earth, measles a plenty at Disneyland in California.

Could a measles outbreak happen in Twin Falls? It's possible, that's why getting vaccinated is so VERY important.

Luckily, Tanis Maxwell, the Epidemiology Manager from South Central Public Health District came in to shower us with her expertise:

Now what did we learn? Vaccination is the best protection against measles!

[H]ighly contagious virus, causes rash, a cough, runny nose, eye irritation, and fever. Symptoms appear one to three weeks after exposure. The virus can lead to ear infections, pneumonia, seizures, brain damage, and death. Measles spreads easily through coughing and sneezing.

You can always check your own vaccination records to make sure you and your family are up-to-date. Call your local South Central Public Health District office:

  • Bellevue: 208-788-4335
  • Gooding: 208-934-4477
  • Jerome: 208-324-8838
  • Mini-Cassia: 208-678-8221
  • Twin Falls: 208-737-5966

For more information on measles and South Central Public Health District's immunization fees and clinic schedules, visit their website at

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