If you missed the Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show you missed the tiny house that isn't so tiny. 

Magic Valley Home Center in Filer brought a Park Model 1 from Nashua Builders to the Home and Garden Show at the CSI Expo Center. Thousands of Magic Valley consumers toured the tiny house over the weekend. Some people left with the idea that they could live in 391 square feet. And some people decided that 391 square feet isn't enough living space.

The home includes:

  • vaulted ceilings
  • living room/dining area
  • full kitchen
  • large loft
  • large bathroom with a 60" tub
  • full bedroom
  • all-in-one washer and dryer
  • outdoor covered porch

The home is 42 feet and 8 inches long. Excluding setup, skirting and delivery you can purchase this tiny home for $60,795.00. See Magic Valley Home Center for all the details.

The big question is...could you live in a tiny house?

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