Real estate downsizing is something that is growing in popularity in the United States. More and more of these style homes are popping up as some Americans are deciding to do away with material possessions.

A friend of mine who is single and has no children recently visited me in Twin Falls from out of state. We took him on a drive up to the Ketchum area, and spent some time kayaking and exploring. He is now heavily leaning toward buying a small plot of land between Twin Falls and Ketchum, and building a small, cabin-style dwelling.

I'll admit it, I own a lot of crap. Downsizing is tough to pull off when you have children. Many of us feel the need to possess extra gadgets, appliances and accessories, because we see family and friends living a lifestyle that includes a gratuitous amount of belongings. For those that aren't influenced by the unveiling of the latest image-boosting gizmos, and don't need 3,000-square-feet of space to survive, building a tiny home makes perfect sense.

A post to YouTube from a few days ago is a perfect example of how people are opting to live in smaller spaces. There are a lot of advantages to downsizing in this manner, including less property upkeep, decreased living costs, less risk and environmental impact.

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Living in a home like this also allows for people to thrive in a clutter free environment. I mean, how big of a mess could one make in a place like this.

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