A popular trail northwest of Twin Falls near the city of Boise has been experiencing a number of violent incidents regarding the area coyote population. Multiple attacks on dogs being walked on the trail have occurred in recent days as well.

For those in the Magic Valley that like to explore the Sawtooth Mountain trails northeast of Boise, there have been a number of incidents reported lately where people and their pets have been confronted by coyote. Several hikers have reported run-ins with area coyote, according to details provided by idahopress.com. The area of the Boise Foothills where the most reports have come from is a highly-traveled spot named Hulls Gulch, which is located 130 miles northwest of Twin Falls.

According to idahopress.com, the most recent attack involved a woman and her three dogs. They were chased out of the area by an aggressive coyote. One week ago, a dog was killed by a coyote on the trail.

Hulls Gulch is a popular mountain biking destination as well. It is believed that the coyotes are protecting newborn pups, and have become particularly aggressive this spring.

The trailhead to the area is located just two miles north of Boise. Warnings of the attacks have been circulating throughout the community for weeks. Coyote attacks on humans are rare. The recent attacks at Hulls Gulch do appear to have targeted the dogs being walked, but like any animal protecting their offspring, it's always a possibility.

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