On Tuesday, kids in the Haywood County school district in North Carolina got some great news.  SNOW DAY.  You’re off today.  Life is good.

It was quickly followed by a kick in the face about as hard as you could ever get.  In what seems to be an effort to be the most hated school district ever, Haywood rescheduled that school day . . . for SATURDAY.

So tomorrow, all of the kids and teachers will have to wake up early, get themselves to school, and try not to go insane until the day ends at 1:00 P.M.

In theory, this is a good thing for the kids and teachers . . . it makes it so the last day of school can still be June 13th, instead of having to tack on a day at the end of the year and cut into summer.  It’ll just be hard to have that perspective tomorrow.

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