TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- The College of Southern Idaho graduation was interrupted Friday after a fire alarm was pulled near the end of ceremonies.

According to spokesperson Doug Maughan an adult man intentionally triggered one of the half dozen fire alarms in the gym complex. Maughan says it happened later on during the graduation and prevented several graduates from walking across the stage with their diplomas.

Fire officials responded and found no threat and shut the alarm off. Law enforcement did sweep the building on rumors there had been a gun threat. College authorities continued ceremonies in another building. Officials believe that next time the alarm switches will need to be guarded.

Maughan says the event brings up the larger issue concerning the amount of people allowed inside the ceremonies. He says the building, as well as the designated overflow areas, were packed. The college graduated 410 people that night. There was around 2,500 people in the building for the ceremonies. Maughan says it was clearly overcrowded.

Some people were not able to enter the building or get seats, which Maughan says upset some who came as far off as Alaska and California. College officials will now discuss the possibly of limiting the amount of people who attend future graduations.

Maughan says that could include handing out a specific amount of tickets per graduate for family, split December and May graduates into two groups, or split graduates alphabetically. He says that will be part of the discussion ahead of next year’s ceremonies. An outdoor graduation during Idaho’s spring time is probably out of the question according Maughan because of weather.

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