Everyday around two pm, I'm on the air and at the very same time I start thinking about dinner.  Usually I'll text my husband and make a couple of dinner suggestions and he, of course, will just say "yes" to anything I say...it's very frustrating. Then again, he does have a nice butt.

My Husband's Butt CROPPED

Either way, I love fresh grub and it does not get any fresher then directly off the vine.

For those of you, like myself, who either kill every plant you've ever owned or just don't have the time, enter the CSI U-Pick.

And it works just like it says.  You pick it! My husband and I visited the CSI U-Pick recently and we have so many raspberries!  YUM!

Raspberries 1 CROPPED

It works like this:

Drive to CSI in Twin Falls.  On North College Road there is a parking lot made of gravel.  You know, it's where they have the farmer's market every Saturday?  Yes, there!  Park there (it's across from the Expo Center at CSI).  Park there and start picking whatever you want.

I suggest you ask the representative from CSI just what is ripe enough to pick.  They will even ask you if you need assistance picking certain fruits and vegetables.


U-Pick is opened on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8AM till Noon and 5PM - 8PM.  Then on Saturdays from 9AM till 1PM.

Here's how I like to U-Pick:

On my way home, I swing by and then pick fresh fruits and vegetables that I use for dinner.  It's good stuff!

There's eggplant, four different varieties of beans, two kinds of cucumbers, tomatoes, and a lot more!  Herbs like basil and sage.  Melons like cantelope and watermelon!  Not only do they have a LOT of raspberries but they also have different grapevines:

Grape Vines CROPPED

They have over three different varieties of grapes!  I asked them about wine and the CSI rep mentioned a wine making class that CSI offers.  COOL!  So yes, there will be wine from these grapes.

If you want fresh fruits and vegetables, get all you want at the CSI U-PICK.  I forgot to mention...it's cheap too!

The raspberries are $3 per pound. Vegetables at the U-pick garden include peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, beans, herbs, cucumbers, squash, watermelons and other kinds of melons. All vegetables will be sold for 50-cents a pound.

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