If you have traveled along Washington Street South lately, you have probably noticed a lot of construction taking place. Two major projects in the area include an addition of fuel services to the Oasis Stop 'N Go, and a cluster of new homes being built off of El Camino Avenue West.

As I drove home from a recent vacation out west, I traveled down Washington Street South toward Orchard Drive, and noticed a housing development under construction. There appear to be 20 or so new, two-story homes with garages, currently being built off of El Camino Avenue West. Some appear finished, and have been painted grey with white trim.

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Greg Jannetta
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Greg Jannetta

With the cost of housing continuing to rise in Twin Falls due to a steady flow of people moving to the city, you can bet there will be a lot of interested buyers when these homes are ready for listing.

The other project just down the street is underway in the parking lot of the Oasis Stop 'N Go #9, at 890 Washington Street South. A staffer informed me that the site is being prepped for the installation of gas pumps; the store presently offers just food and drinks, lottery tickets, automotive products and other items.

Greg Jannetta

For those that are presently looking to buy a home in Twin Falls, monitoring the development off of Washington Street South and El Camino Avenue West might be a good idea. The homes are going up quickly, and you can most certainly contact the city's planning, zoning and building department for additional information, as well as projected completion dates.

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