Are you or someone you know currently involved in a relationship with a person serving time? If so, it's time to get jacked about the opportunity to be cast in an upcoming series.

As I was scrolling through the various Twin Falls / Craigslist links today looking for missed local connections or intriguing free items, I came across a post dated July 8, 2019. Apparently, television producers are seeking couples for an upcoming program about dealing with relationships on both sides of the bars.

Twin Falls Production
Craigslist / Twin Falls

According to post details, anyone who is romantically corresponding with someone scheduled to be released from jail / prison before the end of 2019, has a chance at landing a part on the program. Forge ahead of the rest by responding quickly. Crews will be shooting soon, so don't rob yourself of this opportunity, because to do so would be murdering your chance at achieving nationwide fame.

Again, the relationship needs to be real, and not counterfeit. Good luck!

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