For those of you that travel a certain section of Blue Lakes Boulevard near Park Avenue regularly, you might have noticed something rather unusual the past few days.

A deceased cow that has been left lying in a Twin Falls' driveway for the past several days has now gotten the attention of area residents. So, I decided to jump in my car and check it out, and sure enough there it was, still left unattended at 10 A.M. this morning. I snapped this photo from my car in the 600 Block of Blue Lakes Boulevard South.

The residence is hard to miss, and the animal is less than 20 feet from the roadway. If anyone thinks they might know the people who own the property, it would be doing a great service to pass the word onto them. There are several homes in the immediate area also, which makes it even stranger this animal has remained where it has for this long.

I just thought I'd try to help speed up the process of having the cow properly removed.

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