Is Twin Falls a godly place?  The chamber where Twin Falls County Commissioners gather certainly acknowledges Almighty God.  The room has been renovated and guests are now no longer staring into the glare of the windows.  The three Commissioners made a decision to honor God with the changes.  “In God We Trust” is now displayed.  It’s a direct outgrowth of the county’s reaffirmation of constitutional principles.  The Bill of Rights acknowledges these liberties are granted from above and not by men.  Therefore, men can’t take away your rights. 

Apparently, there are no complaints.  Or whining is ignored.

Twin Falls isn’t alone in the pronouncement.  Throughout Idaho I’ve found acknowledgements on public property.  A park in Idaho Falls displays the Ten Commandments.  The same are displayed outside the courthouse in Shoshone County.   

After seeing the monument in Idaho Falls, I dropped by the restaurant owned by Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.  Expressing surprise by such an outward display, she replied, “I told you, this is God’s country!”  It was something she had said in a previous conversation.

Shoshone County may be a little off the beaten path but the courthouse is still a stone’s throw from a major Interstate highway.  Apparently, there are no complaints.  Or whining is ignored.

When you consider some eastern school systems are removing holiday names from calendars to appease woke mobs, you realize Idaho is a special place.  Public attitudes about God and country haven’t much changed here in decades.  Being that I now measure my life in decades, I’m O.K. with the local culture.

Because in other parts of the country the people are realizing once you lose it, you may never get it back.

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