The massive scale promised by Destiny is one of the game’s biggest selling points. Players are eager to explore the various planets included in the upcoming shooter, and developer Bungie has given us an opportunity to do so before the game’s Sept. 9 launch with the Destiny Planetview Website. lets eager Destiny players explore three extra-terrestrial locales; Venus, Mars and the Moon in a Google-powered application. Using a Google Maps-inspired interface, the site provides panoramic views of playable areas on the three celestial bodies and includes in-screen links that show even more details about the Destiny universe through images, data logs and embedded videos. There are even hidden, unmarked areas to explore, though these secret spots seem to offer no new info.

While it’s certainly not a real “Google Map” of Venus, Mars and the Moon, the site features over 40 locations and 90 interactive spots, and serves as a neat diversion that will kill some time while we await Destiny’s release. We’re only a week away from actually fighting and exploring on these planets, so take a minute today to scout out the areas and learn a bit more about your enemies before the fight begins.

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