Something very weird happened on the Snake around 6:45 this morning and I swear this is not something we did. There was a strange growling that took over the radio station for about 15 minutes. One of our listeners captured the sound. See if you know what it is.

Thank you to listener, Trevor Peterson, who clued us in to what he heard. Here's our Facebook conversation that led to this investigation.


We were ready to laugh it off as a technical glitch, but did some investigating and could not locate anything weird in our studio. Listen to the audio above that James Goldenstein recorded and see what you make of it.

As for us, we're going to hide to go hide in our radio basement now.

UPDATE: We're getting multiple reports that the time this happened was in the 6 am hour. We're investigating every possibility, but we had no weirdness (that we know of) on our end at that time either. 

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