Dierke's Lake is one of my favorite places to go on weekends. You can fish, hike, swim, kayak and barbecue. If you are planning on checking it out this week, heads up, the place is getting a bit of a face lift.

According to Twin Falls City Hall Dierkes Lake Park is going to close down the dock from today, July 29th through Friday, August 2nd. The new dock is going to replace the current one because it is starting to lose it's buoyancy and it is deteriorating.

There shouldn't be a problem if you plan on going swimming as long as you avoid the dock and work area during installation. If you could find a way to kayak without dealing with the dock you might be able to do that as well.

I am actually excited to see the new dock. I am not sure how long it has been since the area has had an update, but this definitely is one that I am looking forward to, and much needed.


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