The grave of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott of Pantera has allegedly been hit by a vandal. According to the band, it was the work of a musician who boasted about defacing Abbott's final resting place at the Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Arlington, TX.

However, the band being accused of this act by many Facebook commenters have denied any involvement with what they label "a hoax put on by our former lead singer completely disconnected from the other members of the band." You can see their full statement below:


Pantera posted the news to its Facebook account earlier today (Feb. 28), showing a screenshot of a gramatically challenged Tumblr post by someone calling themselves "crustyplague." The person wrote, "i HATE pantera...with a passion. and so does the rest of my band. so on tour going throug [sic] texas we paid douchebag darrell a visit, we spit on his grave, stole a pair of cowboy boots, and i wrote 'F--' on his grave... i'm not a homophobe but i hope all panturrrra fans see this and s--- themselves with anger....F--- DIMEBAG, buncha racist hillbillies"
"We are absolutely disgusted by this!" Pantera responded. "We ask that all of you please show Dime & his grave the respect he deserves. This conduct will not be tolerated and the authorities have been notified."

As you can read in the Facebook comments, Pantera's fans have unsurprisingly responded by making their offense to the actions known to the attacker. Crustyplague's Tumblr account has since been deleted.

Dimebag Darrell was killed onstage in Columbus, OH on Dec. 8, 2004, shortly after he took the stage with his post-Pantera band, Damageplan. The gunman, Nathan Gale, a former Marine who reportedly had a history of mental illness, was killed on-site by a police officer who responded to the call.

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