Is that wrong? Either way it's true. My family is well dysfunctional, but it seems my fiancé's family is so perfect and that makes me uncomfortable. However, last weekend they showed me some disfunction and I started to relax.

How dysfunctional is my family?  Where do I start?

  • My aunt sewed my mother over a house their now deceased father gave them.  Yeah, they don't speak.
  • My uncle was married to my aunt with two kids and what did you know, he was also involved with another woman and now they have two kids.  There's only so long you can keep your two separate lives separate.  Oh and that uncle, yeah my aunt was a bit annoyed with his double life so she soaked him and sewed his ass too.
  • My kid cousin is the reason you have to show your identification just to get some damn allergy meds.  I'm NOT making meth, swear!!
  • As I type, my aunt is slowly sucking my grandmother dry of her nest egg.
  • My father is constantly in pain from breaking his back and is missing his two front teeth...oh and sometimes he stops talking to everyone for months at a time.  There may be a hint of depression.

Now I can go on, but you get the idea.  So my family is messed up, but ya know what?  I still love the hell out of all of them, dysfunction and all.

But they're not perfect and neither am I and I love that!  As for my fiancés family, they are starting to not be so perfect and I really like that.

Now if only I could get them to start drinking and swearing.  Soon.

What about you?  Do you have dysfunction in your family?

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