For the past week, the biggest news story perhaps in the world has centered around the two Chinese "weather balloons" that have been tracked over North and Latin America. Over the weekend, one was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean, which has created further tensions between the United States and Chinese military forces.

Like most of you, I spent a few hours glued to the television this past weekend watching coverage of the Chinese balloon saga. It took a few days to get it done, but our incredible military forces ultimately blew that thing to smithereens. The debate going on now between Democrats and Republicans is whether or not President Biden took too long to get the job done.

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Republicans claim immediate action should have been taken once the balloon entered U.S. airspace from Canada down through northern Idaho, and ultimately over sensitive military installations in Montana. Democrats are pointing to the idea that debris falling from the balloon could have potentially claimed American lives over land, and that by waiting to allow it to drift over the ocean was a safer tactic.

My initial response was that we did take too long waiting to give the military the green light to blast that thing out of the sky, but that was before the human threat from debris angle was raised.

Now, I agree with the fact that Biden waited to take the Chinese balloon out. Had bits and pieces fallen over U.S. cities and killed innocent Americans, then that would have created a whole other bipartisan storm and an opportunity for further division.

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