The next five weeks are going to be extremely busy. Tis' the season! Not only do you have a lot of stuff to do at work, but your time is limited due to holiday distractions and extra time off.

Even if you find time to get all of your office work done, will you have enough time to get all of you Christmas shopping done. You can't be the only one to show up at the in-laws without a present!

So, do what everyone else has been doing for at work! But, if you do make sure you have an excuse if you get caught by your boss. Like, "it's GOOD for the company.  Because if you do a little online shopping at work, you don't have to LEAVE the office to buy stuff".

According to a new survey from PR Newswire, 19% of people who've been caught online shopping at work have used that excuse . . . although we don't know how many of their bosses bought it.  After all, why would you leave the office to shop in the first place?

On the bright side, we DO know that most bosses don't actually care that much if you do a little shopping.  Only 15% of people who've been caught say they got in trouble.

The survey also found one in four people say their company blocks access to shopping sites from work computers.



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