The Haunted Mansions of Albion may officially be over now that it is November. That doesn't mean there isn't still a way for you to enjoy the Albion campus. Now you and the family can get together to try to beat their escape room.

Right now you can book appointments during the week and on weekends to test your skills in the Obsessed Professor's Classroom. The classroom is at the Comish Hall on the haunted campus. According to their Facebook page, the escape room is safe for all ages.

The price is $15 per person and you can get a group of friends or family together to see if you can solve the puzzles and escape before time runs out. You can call Albion campus or text to book your appointments (208) 312-2685.

Just make sure that when you decide to get locked in a small room with a group of other people you can get along well with them. The puzzles can cause some irritability among team members. I guess it depends on how competitive you are.

If you aren't sure what an escape room is, a group of people get locked in a room typically for an hour to an hour and a half. They work together to try and solve a puzzle that will lead to another puzzle, so on and so forth until you get the key to the door. If you can't escape the room before time runs out, you fail and the door gets locked forever! Just kidding, a nice person unlocks the door for you and you leave knowing you failed miserably.

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