Research into the possibility of past life existence has been going on for decades throughout the world. A very well-respected author and professor who specializes in the subject claims that Idaho children between the ages of two and five are magnets for this type of memory recollection.

Dr. Jim B. Tucker has specialized in research into the validity of past life probability for more than 20 years, according to a University of Virginia profile. He's authored multiple books on children and their abilities to recall unexplained brain output that mirrors the lives of people who once lived throughout the world.

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Tucker has pinpointed the age group between two and five as being the most receptive to these cognitive abilities. He claims that a large percentage of kids who communicate thoughts of previous lives are not showing signs of mental illness, but instead may actually be tuning into the minds and souls of deceased people.

The "identity and power stage" is reached by the time a child turns five, according to data on This means that a child's identity begins to take form by the time they enter kindergarten.

Past life regression is a form of hypnotism that psychologists practice as a way to unlock past trauma or anxiety. This method is also regularly used on children who claim to have visions or memories of a life before their own.

I'm a father of two kids myself, and although neither of them has ever come to me with beliefs of a former physical existence, I certainly would hear them out and perhaps seek the aid of a medical professional.

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