Maybe 2020 has changed the way I look at the world and I'm finding joy in the small things or I'm so bored that this video was almost the highlight of my day. The parking lot of the Twin Falls Fred Meyer was recently resealed and painted and it looks great. But that's only part of it. The company that did the work posted an aerial video of the job and the clean black ground with the perfectly painted lines is mesmerizing as the drone slowly pans around the building.

What did you think of the video? I think we all need to slow down a bit and enjoy the simple things. Plus this video is like one of those really satisfying videos because the parking lot lines are so perfect and uniform. It almost made me sad at about 40 seconds in where it looks like someone spilled milk and made a mess near one of the shopping car stalls. Tragic.

I watched the video a few times enjoying the uniformity, and I also watched a few times to see if there were any terrible parking jobs, you know since we are always looking for those. Sadly, or good job drivers, I didn't see any. You can also see in the video, the new building they built in the south side of the parking lot. If you are in the area looking for the Candy Cane House as you do your holiday shopping, don't forget to look at the parking lot and remember how pretty it was in the video.

Quality First Asphalt did the sealcoat and the video was posted by Youtuber Keith Evans.

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