It took 42 years, but the impossible has finally been realized. Eddie Braun completed the dream of his hero, Evel Knievel, and successfully jumped the Snake River Canyon.

Celebrate Twin Falls and Magic Valley. You waited 42 years for this.

From late morning on Friday, there was a good indication that this would be launch day instead of the announced Saturday event. Weather was ideal with very little wind and no precipitation in the area.

A crane was positioned near the ramp for the first half of Friday with crews inspecting ramp, rocket and all the vital equipment. Spectators slowly began to gather at the scenic overlook as the word began to spread that the launch was imminent.

Since there was no announced time, the actual launch was sudden and dramatic. The rocket left the ramp area so quick, it took a moment to realize that the jump had actually started.

It was obvious that the propulsion would help the rocket easily clear the canyon, but the big question was the parachutes. You could hear spectators begin questioning when the chute would appear.

They did.

The cheering started when it was obvious that Eddie Braun had successfully done what many thought couldn't and wouldn't be done.

We will update this story once official announcements have been made by Eddie's team. In the meantime, celebrate Twin Falls and Magic Valley. You waited 42 years for this.

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