It seems after much debate both at the capital and right here in the Magic Valley, Luna's bills will most likely pass.  More about what's happening and what you had to say after the jump.

According to

As it stands, two education reform bills are headed to the House floor; the third has stalled in committee.

Still the bills drive on even when the public outcry is opposed:

"We've heard several days of testimony now, largely in opposition to the plan. Some 10-1 I think in opposition to the plan. It's the same with the e-mails, the letters that all of us legislators have received," Representative Brian Cronin (D-Boise) said.

10 to 1 why then does it drive on?  Then again, in northern Idaho, it seems many constituents are for the education changes:

"I've talked with a lot of constituents in my district which is in northern Idaho. We had a townhall meeting last week and there was overwhelming support for what the governor and superintendent are proposing," Representative Bob Nonini (R- Coeur d'Alene) said.

So what you saying is, Idaho is a big state?  :-)  As for the Magic Valley, here's what you had to say:

Here's the latest results on the Intermountain Martial Arts Poll worth 5,000 Snake VIP Points:

Do you think a High School kid can protest education reform for all the right reasons?

45.5% - No, they only want to skip school.

24.2% - Yes, high school kids can protest for the right reasons.

30.3% - It depends on the high schooler.

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