As Twin Falls County Midterm Elections get closer, more and more politically-charged signs are popping up throughout southern Idaho. I have a Twin Falls neighbor who rarely talks to anyone, but his front yard speaks volumes.

It really doesn't matter to me who a person supports when it comes to local or presidential elections, as long as my neighbors stay in their lane I could care less. One of the great things about owning your own home is you can pretty much do what you want in the way of signage on your own property, whether it's showing allegiance to a certain politician or sports team. My neighbors probably don't care to see all my Philadelphia Eagles crap all over the yard, but again, that's something they have to deal with.

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It's when these types of posterboard yard statements openly target people with hateful language over their personal beliefs that a line is crossed. Idaho yard signage laws are more geared toward protecting homeowners from solicitors or members of a political or religious affiliation from unwanted display placement without permission. Yard signs are considered free speech in the United States, and it takes something really offensive in order to get the attention of local officials and law enforcement.

Make sure to get out and vote in the upcoming Twin Falls County election as we get closer to November 8, which is this coming Tuesday. You can still show your support for the candidates you back without forcing your opinions on others around you. It's also not cool to stick a sign in your front yard that has curse words on it for neighborhood children to see.

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