It is hard to imagine Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd without their iconic guns, but apparently the cartoon reboot on HBO Max has removed the weapons.

According to sources, the Looney Tunes revival with the removal of the guns in is response to gun violence in the United States. Elmer Fudd no longer carries his iconic shotgun and apparently sometimes does not show up in his hunting gear. Elmer Fudd's new weapon of choice is apparently, a scythe. Not very conducive for hunting a "wascally wabbit" if you ask me.

Yosemite Sam does not have his dual pistols either. I am not sure how a cowboy with such a glorious mustache can wield anything other than dual 6 shooters but those have also been removed.

However, all other violence in the show seems to be ok. They can still try to blow up each other with TNT and Acme weapons are still part of the set, as long as they aren't guns.

Watching Elmer Fudd run around with a giant scythe is pretty comical but makes absolutely no sense. How on earth are Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck going to fight over whether or not it is rabbit season or duck season with a scythe in their face? Instead of blowing Daffy Duck's beak off what are they going to do? Cut it? That sounds way more gruesome to me.

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