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I was in tears Wednesday night during a performance on American Idol that I came across. The new season for Idol just kicked off and it just happened to be recorded on the DVR. I clicked and saw this kid from Boise, Idaho. Skrrrrt!

let us introduce you to Logan Johnson from Boise that had everyone crying. What a friggin' great performance and emotional story for Logan's entire family. Yes, Logan will be headed to the Hollywood rounds.

This is a great story because it's everything we struggle with and how you come through on the other side. Addiction hit his family pretty hard and like his mom says,

Our family really needs a win right now. We need something positive...

Logan stepped up and nailed an acoustic version of Demi Lovato's "Sober." His performance was great but I was just in love with their story. I've seen addiction ruin lives and most of us see it play out on social media every day. We've lost too many people to addiction and at age 20 this kid's family is fighting. We ALWAYS cheer for the underdogs and addiction takes no prisoners. What mom couldn't relate to needing a win right now?

All three award-winning judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie gives this guy high praises. "I think he's incredible!" right from Luke who also compares him to Justin Timberlake. All three judges brought the family in to announce that he would be headed to the Hollywood rounds and that's when [insert crying] it pretty emotional.

Let's see if he can surpass our friend Maddie Zahm from last year that was so close! Maddie has a phenomenal voice and a very touching story. We're so excited to see what her next big move is. For Logan, Things look really good based on this video from the show.

Good luck Logan!

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